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Kim Haney, Attorney At Law, handles divorce, custody, adoption, and child support. 

NO FAULT DIVORCE?  These are called Uncontested Irreconcilable Differences divorce and these are where both spouses agree on all the terms.   Cost? Uncontested No Fault starts at $500 regardless of the county you are in.  

Additional fees on No Fault:  

Children - $250

Property - $250

QDRO/Thrift Savings - $500

Filing Fee - county sets cost

We do accept payment plans and credit cards on all of our cases. 

FAULT BASED DIVORCES - are tailored to your needs and the cost is individualized.  Please make an appointment so we can work towards helping you.

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Divorce and Custody
Haney Law Office handles divorce, custody, child support, and adoption.  


We handle family mediation.  Our goal is to help both sides in mediation to reach a settlement that helps your family avoid the drama and heal. 

When things can't be resolved, it can be necessary to litigate.  Our office handles family litigation.  
We are not afraid to go to court and fight for your rights.