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Kim Haney/ Haney Law Office


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Haney Law Office

22660 Canal Rd.

Orange Beach, AL 36561

251-223-6099 (Text or Call) 

We Are Here to Help You!

CALL 251-223-6099

At Haney Law Office in Orange Beach, Alabama, Kim Haney understands that legal problems can be overwhelming and stressful. 


Here you are our top priority. 


      Family Businesses



      Child Support




Criminal: DUI, Drug Possession, Misdemeanors


We work hard to decrease your stress! 

  • Experienced legal professionals

  • Dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized legal services

  • Serve individuals and families in Alabama and Mississippi.


At Haney Law Office, Kim Haney and her team specialize in reducing your stress with legal matters.  We fight so you can relax more. 


The Orange Beach, Alabama office works to help people through legal problems involving divorce, custody, DUI, Orange Beach City Court, Gulf Shores City Court, or Wills & Estates - if it involves family - reach out to us via phone, text, or email.   


If your case has you stressed, text Kim today at 251-223-6099 and see if we can help.  Each client is provided with Kim's cell phone number for ease of communication. 


 We're here to help reduce your stress and find solutions to your legal problems.


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