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Gun Rights, 2nd Amendment, and Criminal Defense

Your Rights


Haney Law Office fights for the people of Mississippi.   Our office is driven by a belief in the Constitution and fighting to protect your rights.  


There are two things you need when fighting to preserve and protect your rights:  


1) a knowledge of what your rights are under the law


2) a lawyer willing and ready to fight for you


We work to make certain you have both.  We offer consultations that cover a single question or a deep discussion.  You do not have to wait until you are embroiled in a legal fight to talk with our office.  Advance knowledge is advance protection.

Haney Law Office
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A Law office where it is ALL ABOUT YOU

Handgun and  Ammunition
2nd Amendment


It is our position that if you own a weapon, you should talk with an attorney BEFORE you have a problem.  We offer consultations to answer your questions and representation if you are facing charges involving a weapon. 

All calls and emails are answered. 

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Defense Representation


Have you been charged with a crime?  Twenty-two years of experience in the courtroom.  Questions?  Call Kim at 228-342-8222

Representation throughout Mississippi   

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When things can't be resolved, it can be necessary to litigate.  Our office handles litigation.  
We are not afraid to go to court and fight for your rights.